Domestic Freight

Our teeth were cut in shipping specialty items and commodities around the world. We have partnerships with foreign freight operators in most high-traffic countries. We work with trucks, barges, and railroads to deliver goods at the most efficient price.

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Specialty Solutions

Companies that lead with being technology driven haven’t been around long enough to know that this industry is based on customer relationships and expert operations.

PCMS creates engineered solutions that work specifically for your company by combining technology and personal relationships.

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International Shipping

Through our partnerships, affiliates, and network, we have global connections that will facilitate your goals. Our international logistics  will make sure your package clears customs in any country, even if we have to go and get it ourselves. We live and breathe customs.

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Since 1993

A Global Market

The nature of the logistics industry is extremely chaotic.  Having a solid business partnership with a skilled, connected, freight forwarder is key to growth in new markets and retaining clients. Although we utilize technology in every aspect of our organization, we do not rely on our data when it comes to personal relationships. We work closely with railroads, draymen, ports, and steamship lines to tailor a solution that other freight forwarders don't have the time or focus for.  Our intimate knowledge of the market is at your disposal.



Need Shipping?

Let us know if you need a shipping solution for your business. We believe there is always a better way to do something. Let's work together to find it.