Hurricane Season Update

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

The National Weather Service has announced that Air Force hurricane hunters have found that Hurricane Humberto is slightly stronger and larger than anticipated. According to the prediction models, Humberto is expected to pass by Bermuda around 02:00 AM AST on Thursday, September 19th and track East Northeast wardly out to the North Atlantic.

Tropical Storm 10

In addition to tracking Humberto, a tropical disturbance in the middle of the South Atlantic has been gaining strength over the last few days. There is a reported 90% probability of a hurricane forming within the next 48 hours.

Ocean Freight Impact

Presently, Humberto does not pose a threat to any US East Coast port. We do expect delays in transit times shipping transiting the Atlantic, as they maneuver to sail around the storm as it tracks away for the US and Canadian coasts. Your account manager will advise if there are any delays, and what kind of transit time impact that may have.

However, we will be watching as Tropical Storm 10 forms in the South Atlantic. We will continue to monitor the storm and advise accordingly.